【A Space for the Unbound】#2 More kitty? It's huraaaaaaaaay!!!【NIJISANJI | Derem Kado】

◙ Grant Derem some gems~! ◙ https://streamlabs.com/deremkado (International) https://sociabuzz.com/deremkado/tribe (Indonesian & other cards) ◙Welcome Goods ◙ https://shop.nijisanji.jp/s/niji/item/detail/SSZS-20780?ima=4638 ◙ Derem's Voice Content! ◙ https://booth.pm/en/search/derem%20kado Indonesia: https://sociabuzz.com/nijisanji_id/shop !! Attention for MINORS: https://www.anycolor.co.jp/notice-for-minors-en !! Peringatan bagi Anda yang masih di bawah umur: https://www.anycolor.co.jp/notice-for-minors-id ========================================== ◙ Rules for viewers (English) ◙ - You can use English, Indonesian, and Japanese in live chat. - Don't spam live chat and comment. - Don't mention other Vtuber/Liver/YouTuber (except Derem mentions them first) - Stay on topic during the livestream. - Refrain to mention Derem in other people’s livestream chat. - Don't talk about politics and RERO !!!!! (Race, Ethnic groups, Religion, and Organizational movement) - STRICTLY don't use explicit and vulgar words!! - If you see spam or weird chat, don’t engage, just silently report/block. - Don’t backseat unless asked by Derem. - Don’t tell Derem any inside jokes of other Livers or people. ========================================== ◙ Twitter ◙ https://twitter.com/DeremKado ◙ Facebook ◙ https://www.facebook.com/DeremKado/ ◙ NIJISANJI Official Links ◙ NIJISANJI Twitter https://twitter.com/nijisanji_app NIJISANJI Indonesia Official Merchandise shop: https://nijisanji-id.booth.pm/ https://sociabuzz.com/nijisanji_id/shop Website ANYCOLOR Inc.: https://www.anycolor.co.jp/en/ ========================================== Opening Screen Art: Derem Kado Stream Alerts: https://twitter.com/devonazureee Membership badges, emotes: devonazureee: https://twitter.com/devonazureee Amicia Michella: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrR7JxkbeLY82e8gsj_I0pQ Additional BGM: Shimtone (シムトーン) : https://dova-s.jp/_contents/author/profile295.html PeriTune: https://peritune.com/ BG: 「OKUMONO https://sozaino.site」 「OKUMONO(@okumono1)」 Assets: Pixabay ========================================== #にじさんじ #NIJISANJI #DeremKado #Virtual_Youtuber #VTuber #VLiver #Virtual_Liver #にじさんじID #バーチャルユーチューバー #NIJISANJI_ID