【Goal Setting】Last month of the year!! Time for some goals.【PRISM Project】 #LIVEいくぞーん #IKUZONElive


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I'm Hoshifuri Iku~! Nice to meet chu~! ♡ Welcome to generation 1 of the Prism Project!!!

Thank you so much for coming to my stream! It means the galaxies to me! Please be sure to check my helpful links, stream guidelines and FAQ below! ♡

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♡ My genmate: Aoi

♡ My genmate: Meno

♡ Listen to my original song with KODOMOi here!


Iku’s Stream Guidelines! ♡ Please follow these rules to ensure a safe and fun stream!

1. Be nice! ♡ No spamming, trolling or arguing with each other. Pinky promise!!
2. Do not engage with spammers or trolls. Please ignore, block and report. Thank you ♡
3. Do not distribute other people's private information. Big no no!!!
4. Please stay on topic! Do not promote yourself or have personal conversations with other members of the audience. ♡
5. Please don't mention other streamers in the chat unless Iku mentions them! Similarly, please don't bring me up in other streamers' chats unless given permission. ♡

Thank you again for watching my stream! See you next time! ♡



Q: When are you streaming next?
A: You can check all PRISM agent's schedules here!

Q: What is that ranking list for?
A: It's a list of top contributors! We wanted to let our biggest fans know how much we appreciate them!

Q: What are the super chat reactions for?
A: It's a way to make the stream experience more fun! Quick caution: due to system limitations, the threshold is based on USD, not according to the color of the Youtube SC.

Q: Can I request songs?
A: Yes! Please send them to my marshmallow where I can keep better track of it. I can't promise that I can sing it, but I'd appreciate the request anyways.

Q: Is back seating allowed?
A: When Iku is playing games, tips and advice are welcome but please avoid sharing spoilers unless I specifically asked for them. Thank you!



Music by Kodomoi

Music by Sharou

Music by Flehmann

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